Cultural Pavilion to Be Restored

 Cultural Pavilion to Be Restored

Remember when Hurricane Odile wreaked havoc in 2014? It left Cabo San Lucas’ Cultural Pavilion in a pretty rough state. Since then, the poor pavilion has been trying to pick up the pieces, but every new storm that rolls in just seems to set it back a bit more. It’s like Mother Nature has it out for this place!

But here’s some good news: this year, the Los Cabos government is stepping up. They’ve set aside a cool $250,000 USD to patch things up. They’re pretty optimistic too, aiming to wrap up the repairs before we bid adieu to this year. Sadly, the ongoing issues with the pavilion were a big reason the International Film Festival had to be shelved this year. Fingers crossed that with these repairs, the pavilion will be back and better than ever!

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