Astronomical Tourism, the Next Bet for Cabo

 Astronomical Tourism, the Next Bet for Cabo

Photo Courtesy of Grand Velas resort

Ah, Los Cabos! Not just your typical beach destination anymore. A local lawmaker is stepping up the game, pitching a cool idea to the state congress. They’re looking to coin the term “Astronomical Tourism” for promoting Los Cabos. And why not? With clear skies dominating the scene for most of the year, it’s a stargazer’s dream come true.

But here’s the cherry on top: The Grand Velas resort is already riding this wave. They’ve rolled out these amazing honeymoon packages that aren’t just about romantic dinners and beach walks. Imagine lying back and gazing at the stars with an expert guiding you through the constellations. And if that wasn’t dreamy enough, they’re throwing in sunset helicopter rides too. Talk about taking romance to new heights! So, is this the next big thing in travel trends? Only time will tell, but it sure sounds like a stellar idea to me!

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