2024: What it Will Bring for Los Cabos?

 2024: What it Will Bring for Los Cabos?

Absolutely, more hotels are popping up! But, let’s keep our excitement in check as we’re not talking about a massive number of rooms here. This November, we’re kicking things off with the Grand Velas Boutique, flaunting 79 chic rooms. It’s the first one to open its doors to guests, and it’s got everyone buzzing!

Then, as we roll into February, the second Four Seasons is making its grand entrance with a cool 100 rooms. It’s another addition to the luxury scene, and it’s bound to be a hit.

June is bringing us the Park Hyatt at Cabo del Sol, boasting 163 rooms and an additional 19 villas and residences. It’s a blend of luxury and comfort, and it’s got everyone’s attention.

July is a big month! The Soho House is stepping in with 70 keys, and the St. Regis Los Cabos is unveiling 74 villas and condominiums. It’s a luxury overload, and we’re here for it!

To wrap up 2024, Amanvari by Aman hotels is joining the party with 24 residences at Costa Palmas in the East Cape. It’s the cherry on top of a year filled with luxury openings.

So, in total, we’re looking at less than 600 luxury units. And, as of now, no other hotels have announced their arrival. It’s a sprinkle of luxury in a vast desert, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds!

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