Trio of Foundations Donate Bus

 Trio of Foundations Donate Bus

The collaboration between the Questro and Traxión Foundations, along with InterProtection, has brought about a transformative change for the San Jose del Cabo Technological Institute and its students. The generous donation of a new bus to facilitate the daily transportation of students from the remote Miraflores and Santiago communities has kindled hope and opened new possibilities for these aspiring scholars.

Prior to this philanthropic endeavor, the students faced numerous challenges, as their old bus was plagued by frequent breakdowns, causing disruptions to their education and dreams. Moreover, the treacherous road leading to these communities lacked a shoulder, leaving the students vulnerable and without a safe space to park in case of emergencies.

With the arrival of the new bus, the students’ prospects have been uplifted. Tessy Redo, representing the Questro Foundation, expressed her joy at witnessing the positive impact of this initiative. The reliable transportation provided by the new bus ensures that the students can now attend classes regularly, fostering a conducive learning environment and nurturing their ambitions.

By empowering these young minds with improved access to education, the Questro and Traxión Foundations, along with InterProtection, have exemplified the profound impact of corporate social responsibility. Their collective efforts have not only bridged the transportation gap but also symbolize the unwavering commitment to creating a better future for the students of San Jose del Cabo Technological Institute. Through their generosity, the foundations have sown the seeds of progress and paved the way for the realization of countless dreams.

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