Summer Vacations, a Blessing for Cabo

 Summer Vacations, a Blessing for Cabo

Summertime in Cabo can get pretty hot, and it’s no surprise that fewer international tourists brave the scorching weather. But hey, when the Mexican school vacation period kicks in (July 19 for a whole month), the town comes alive with local visitors flooding in like a wave! It’s like a big family reunion on the beaches!

These Mexican travelers know how to have a good time, and who can blame them? Cabo’s got stunning beaches, a rich culture, and more fun activities than you can shake a maraca at. From beach parties to exploring local hotspots, they make the most of their time here.

And you know what’s even better? The state’s tourism bigwigs predict that these domestic adventurers will drop a whopping $92 million USD this year, making it rain on the local economy! That’s a ton of tacos, cervezas, and souvenirs to go around, keeping the businesses buzzing and the locals happy.

So, next time you’re in Cabo during July, don’t be surprised by the Mexican crowds, after all it’s their country! Embrace the fiesta, join the fun, and experience the lively energy that only our amigos from across the country can bring! Arriba, arriba!

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