Passengers of Sinking Panga Rescued

 Passengers of Sinking Panga Rescued

18 unsuspecting tourists and 4 crew members were out, hoping to have a serene day at the famed Lovers’ Beach. But, the ocean had other plans. Out of nowhere, a rogue wave decided to crash the party, flipping the panga (that’s a small boat, for those unfamiliar) and sending everyone splashing into the waves. Talk about a surprise dunk!

Luckily, the Mexican Navy was on point. They zoomed in with their Defender rescue boat, becoming the unsung heroes of the day. In no time, all 22 folks were safely aboard, not a single one injured. But man, I bet they had a story to tell at dinner!

Given the roughness of the ocean, the port captain didn’t take any chances and closed the bay to smaller vessels. Probably a good call, considering the day’s unexpected excitement! Safety first, right?

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