New Real Estate App Launched

 New Real Estate App Launched

AMPI, the esteemed Mexican association of real estate professionals, has proudly introduced VALORes AMPI (AMPI Values), a cutting-edge application designed to streamline the process of uploading and verifying property values across the entirety of Mexico.

This innovative platform ensures that every property listed undergoes rigorous legal and tax assessments before it is permitted to be uploaded, guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the information provided. As of now, the platform boasts a robust membership of 6,000 individuals. However, AMPI is optimistic about its growth potential, projecting that the membership will experience a significant surge, reaching an impressive 120,000 in the short to medium term.

This initiative underscores AMPI’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in the real estate sector. For those interested in exploring this groundbreaking tool, it is accessible at


  • Is there a way to get this app in English?

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