New Mexican Airline to Enter the Market

 New Mexican Airline to Enter the Market

No, the airplane didn’t land in a pool, it is part of a training session.

Remember Mexicana Airlines? Yeah, the one that hit rock bottom like 13 years ago? Well, guess what? It’s making a crazy comeback! The federal government swooped in and saved the day by acquiring the airline. But here’s the cool part: they’re not just stopping at a rescue mission. They’ve dished out a whopping $50 million USD to the employees who got the boot back then. Talk about making amends!

Hold onto your seats because Mexicana Airlines is gearing up to relaunch this September. Get ready to hop on those flights to not one, not ten, but 20 awesome Mexican destinations. And get this, they’re rolling out with a fleet of 10 shiny Boeing 737-800 airplanes. Oh, and did I mention their prices? Brace yourself – they’re going in 20 percent lower than the other guys. Budget-friendly travel, here we come!

And for all you daydreamers, yes, there’s a direct flight from the heart of Mexico City to the sun-soaked paradise of Los Cabos. Details on flight schedules and the whole money thing are still under wraps, but don’t you worry, they’ll spill the beans soon enough. So, keep your eyes peeled and your excitement levels up, because Mexicana Airlines is about to make a seriously stylish comeback! 🛫🌴


  • Wow nothing like the government competing against private businesses’ and at a nice 20% discount.

    • Have you noticed that all airlines everywhere are subsidized! They have to compete for customers nevertheless and not always on a level playing field but what really is, especially in the corporate space. Boeing is a prime example, kept afloat after two catastrophic accidents!

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