New Cruise Ships Dock in La Paz

 New Cruise Ships Dock in La Paz

The Mexican Association of Cruise Ships Services has recently reaffirmed its commitment to the long-awaited plan of expanding the existing dock at Pichilingue, Mexico, to accommodate two cruise ships simultaneously. After years of anticipation, the plan is finally set to be put into action, and construction work is scheduled to commence imminently.

The proposed expansion project aims not only to cater to the growing cruise industry but also to enhance the overall experience for both locals and tourists alike. As part of the development, a range of exciting additions will be incorporated into the dock area. A modern and inviting restaurant will be established, offering delectable local cuisines that will tantalize the taste buds of visitors. Additionally, a vibrant bar will be constructed, providing a perfect setting for travelers to unwind and soak in the scenic beauty of Pichilingue.

Furthermore, the expansion will encompass a variety of attractions designed to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region. This will not only bolster tourism but also promote local artisans and their crafts. As a result, Pichilingue will transform into a dynamic destination that offers something exceptional to everyone who steps ashore.

With this ambitious project finally taking shape, the enchanting port of Pichilingue is poised to become a premier cruise ship hub, catering to a multitude of vessels and welcoming travelers from across the globe. The development promises to breathe new life into the region’s economy, making Pichilingue a must-visit destination for cruise enthusiasts and travelers seeking a memorable and enriching experience.


  • The idea of a cruise ship dock for 2 ships is horrendous. It will destroy the environmental beauty of the bay, kill the whale shark habitat and turn La paz into a mini Cabo. No one who lives here wants that – it’s why we live in La Paz and not Cabo!

    • Couldn’t agree more!

  • This reads like a press release directly from the cruise industry! No mention if the controversy around cruise ships in La Paz?

    • Exactly !

  • Yup, somebody just printed a bs sales pitch. How exactly will the local economy be stimulated? The money will go to the investors that will exploit and thereby destroy the environment.

    • Exactly

  • Its a terrible idea. Bad for the envoirment.

  • The afore mentioned private project it’s just that. The present federal government haven’t authorized it and it won’t happen any soon (hopefully never), because the next government comming this 2024 will be from the same political party and will continue standing for the preservation of the natural resources over private profit

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