Mexican Tourists Flocking Los Cabos

 Mexican Tourists Flocking Los Cabos

Ahoy, travel enthusiasts! Got some hot news from sunny Los Cabos for ya. Guess what? The Los Cabos Tourism Fund just dropped some deets and the numbers are looking good. Our fellow Mexican tourists are flying into the vacation spot like never before – a whopping 15% increase in air arrivals. Now, that’s what I call some serious vacation vibes!

Oh, and those ferry boats chugging over from the mainland? Yep, they’re jam-packed as ever, especially during the summer school break. Guess everyone’s trying to catch that ocean breeze and the sight of those amazing Los Cabos sunsets. But here’s a little twist: foreign tourists’ numbers have had a bit of a slow climb, with just a 5% rise in July. No biggie though.

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