Fire Department Celebrates Bomberos Day

 Fire Department Celebrates Bomberos Day

Photo courtesy of El Independiente

Yesterday, Los Cabos threw a big bash for Firefighter’s Day. Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro gave a shoutout to the firefighters for their everyday heroics and promised to have their backs. At the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department’s do, some firefighters climbed the ranks, and 18 newbies joined the squad.

The fire department got a brand-new fire extinguishing unit, straight from Ohio, USA. Hats off to Walter Coock, our American buddy, for making it happen. With a little help from his friends, including the Firefighter’s Patronage, they’ve kitted out 80 firefighter teams nationwide. So, this isn’t just a win for Cabo San Lucas but for buddies in other departments too.

Mayor Castro talked about the soon-to-be-completed fire stations in Migriño and Jacarandas neighborhoods. And get this: Grupo Solmar and some other heavy hitters are chipping in big bucks for these projects. The Mayor’s all-in on partnering up with the private sector, promising more gear and training for our firefighters.

To wrap things up, the head honcho of the Cabo San Lucas Fire Department gave a big thanks to Mayor Castro, especially for committing to finish the Lomas del Sol fire station by year’s end.

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