Todos Santos Streets to be Paved

 Todos Santos Streets to be Paved

After years of neglect and abandonment, the enchanting town of Todos Santos is finally set to receive a much-needed transformation. Thanks to the proactive efforts of Governor Victor Castro, the town’s main street, which had long been left to deteriorate, will soon undergo a major revitalization project. The governor’s determination to improve the town’s infrastructure comes at a crucial time, as the federal government had recently withdrawn its financial support for the development of Magical Towns.

With the new allocation of funds from the state government, the citizens of Todos Santos can now look forward to a restored and vibrant main street. This overhaul is expected to breathe new life into the town, attracting both locals and tourists alike, eager to explore the unique charm and culture it has to offer.

As the planned commencement date in August approaches, the anticipation among the residents is palpable. Beyond the main street, there is hope that other key areas may also be considered for repaving, further enhancing the overall appeal of Todos Santos.

With this long-overdue initiative, Governor Victor Castro showcases his commitment to preserving and promoting the country’s cultural heritage. The restoration of Todos Santos is not only a testament to the town’s resilience but also serves as an inspiring example of how dedicated leadership and community support can drive positive change. As the construction work kicks off, optimism fills the air, and the townspeople eagerly await the day when they can proudly witness their beloved Magical Town shining brightly once again.


  • Hola Buenos Dias, can you point me in the direction of the developer involved, I can help them save up to 60% on building that road! gracias we all win!

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