Thousands of Sea Turtles Protected

 Thousands of Sea Turtles Protected

Photo Courtesy of Grupo Tortuguero Todos Santos AC

Throughout this season, the combined efforts of dedicated volunteers and the Los Cabos sea turtle protection program workers have proven highly successful, safeguarding an impressive count of 18,600 sea turtles. Additionally, the results from both the Todos Santos and Pescadero turtle protection networks have been nothing short of outstanding, further bolstering the conservation achievements in the region.

As part of their commitment to the preservation of these magnificent creatures, baby turtle release events are scheduled to commence on August 25. These heartwarming events offer a unique opportunity for individuals to actively engage in the conservation process. By participating in the releases, people can play a direct role in ensuring the survival and growth of these delicate hatchlings as they embark on their journey to the vast ocean.

If you’re passionate about marine conservation and want to contribute to this noble cause, mark your calendar and join in on the extraordinary experience. To learn more and register for these life-changing events, visit the Facebook page “tortuguerotodossantos.” Together, we can make a tangible difference in protecting these precious sea turtles and preserving the delicate balance of our oceans.

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