No More Blackouts, Says the CFE

 No More Blackouts, Says the CFE

The Federal Commission of Electricity has taken a crucial step to address the imminent risk of blackouts in the regions of La Paz and Los Cabos. With the announcement of deploying three large power generators starting from today and continuing until August, the commission aims to bolster the electrical infrastructure and ensure a stable power supply during the scorching summer months.

Given the soaring temperatures in these areas, the demand for air conditioning is understandably high. However, the Commission urges citizens to be mindful of their energy consumption and make conscious efforts to reduce A/C usage wherever possible. Emphasizing the importance of responsible energy usage, they call upon the public to use electricity wisely and conserve energy in every possible way.

By implementing these measures, the Federal Commission of Electricity hopes to avert potential blackouts and maintain an uninterrupted power flow throughout the critical period. It’s a collective responsibility to act sensibly and efficiently manage energy resources, safeguarding the well-being of the communities and the smooth functioning of essential services. Let’s unite in our efforts to save energy and contribute to a more sustainable future for our nation.


  • We had 30 minute blackout on Aug 2 in La Paz so don’t believe what CFE tells you. If you read the Spanish news there continue to be blackouts thruout Baja Sur.

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