Los Cabos Expects a Good Summer

 Los Cabos Expects a Good Summer

The state tourism office is brimming with excitement as it anticipates a bustling summer season ahead. With the school summer vacation stretching from July 19 to August 28, it is expected that a remarkable 72% of hotel rooms will be filled, creating a vibrant atmosphere across Southern Baja. The allure of the region is not only attracting foreign tourists but also beckoning numerous Mexicans from the mainland to partake in its wonders.

As hordes of travelers converge on this picturesque destination, the economic forecast couldn’t be brighter. The revenue projected for this summer vacation period alone is a staggering $92 million USD. This substantial influx of funds will undoubtedly inject a new lease of life into the local economy, benefiting various industries and businesses throughout the region.

Tourism-dependent businesses are gearing up to welcome guests from all corners of the globe, ensuring unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. From breathtaking beaches to captivating cultural attractions, Southern Baja has something to offer every visitor, making it an irresistible hotspot for holidaymakers.

So, as the summer sun rises over Southern Baja, a resounding “Hooray!” echoes throughout the region, celebrating the promise of a joyous and prosperous season ahead.

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