Fishing Ladies Only Tournament Announced

 Fishing Ladies Only Tournament Announced

Celebrating the spirit of female angling prowess, Van Wormer Resorts in the picturesque town of Los Barriles, East Cape, proudly announces the 4th Annual Ladies Only Fishing Tournament. Building on the remarkable triumph of previous tournaments, this year’s event is all set to turn heads once again.

Scheduled from July 20 to 22, the competition provides an opportunity for all fishing enthusiasts to compete in a spirited yet friendly environment. The entry fee is set at a nominal rate of $200 USD per team. The tournament not only encourages camaraderie among participants but also offers them a chance to enjoy the stunning coastal backdrop of East Cape.

Additional excitement is promised with optional jackpots available, offering contestants an opportunity to boost their winnings. This event not only tests the participants’ skills but also their strategic planning and determination. Mark your calendars, gather your teammates, and join us for a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping fishing adventure. We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the 4th Annual Ladies Only Fishing Tournament!

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