Two New Airstrips Coming

 Two New Airstrips Coming

In a significant boost to local accessibility and tourism, the governor, Victor Castro, has announced plans for the development of two airstrips in the vicinity of Santa Rosalia, a town known for its rich mining history near the border with Northern Baja. One of the planned developments involves the refurbishment of an existing airstrip within Santa Rosalia, a move that seeks to reinvigorate the local infrastructure and enhance air connectivity.

In addition to the restoration project, a brand new airstrip is set to be constructed near the idyllic location of Tortugas Bay. This new facility is expected to greatly ease access to this popular destination, potentially attracting a higher number of tourists and thereby stimulating the local economy.

These developments mark a significant step forward in boosting the region’s accessibility and attractiveness as a destination, fostering economic growth, and enhancing the overall quality of life for the local community. The projects signal a forward-thinking approach to infrastructural expansion and tourism development in the region.

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