Tales From The Hood

 Tales From The Hood


It was in the dead of night many decades ago when my pal’s newly refurbished shrimp boat was smashed into pieces during a horrific storm off the rocky coast of Cabo. Exhausted and surrounded by sharks, my pal thought he was on his way to see Davey Jones in person, when some natives formed a human chain and reached in and saved my pal, who just lost all he had, just as he was going under on the stormy shores of Pescadero.

Today, he owns a big chunk of Pescadero.

Legend has it he picked strawberries to survive while raising two little boys in the Mexican school system while constantly hustling. One of the boys is a top real estate lawyer who is even hard to even on the phone and doesn’t suffer fools, as he only has rich and powerful clients. Today Jamie owns two hotels, a slew of condo developments, a mountain, dozens of lots of all sizes, and the infamous Pescadero Surf Camp where many people of consequence started their Baja adventures along with some legendary surfers. It is famous for its 10 peso honor system showers, outdoor kitchens, a garage full of all manner of surfboards, crystal clear swimming pool, and absent management who mysteriously keep the whole place in immaculate condition.

The Pescadero Surf Camp has been the home to many who came to the Baja to “check it out”, including yours truly. That is how I came to Cabo. My son was off to go fight the war in Afghanistan, and we drove here in his pickup truck. I was dead broke. My son dared me to go live at the Pescadero Surf Camp… and the rest is history. Jamie made me a special room, fed me, and never charged me a peso. 

Recently Jamie once again improved my life by recommending me to one of his clients who bought a nice chunk of Pescadero beachfront where he is planning a “day club” where he will also be the DJ. He was staying in the Desert Moon, one of Jamie’s hotel properties and liked it so much, he bought the suite he was staying in which is right on the beach. That is how Howard Hughes bought Vegas.

In the last month, I have grown to like Michael but most of all, I am amazed by his many accomplishments. He made his considerable pile in crypto, limo services, and legalized cannabis. He is now investing in designer shoe and bag stores that feature handmade leather goods that are for the most part, under one hundred dollars. He was attracted to his Albanian partner who has already built several stores successfully. The stores are named “T VUKAJ”. I guess they just wanted a name that was easy to remember… in Albania. They are in Puerto Paraiso and if you mention that you were sent by El Mondo de Cabo, you will get a ten percent discount. The leather is exquisitely soft and rich. The bags are especially attractive and look like thousand-dollar designer bags. I bought some hand-woven slides. They fit perfectly and feel great.

One of the best things about Michael is he has two great dogs who I am happy to say I get to babysit. Biggy is an English bulldog and Ava is an Australian sheep dog… maybe. They are a great comfort and fun, especially since my houseman walks and feeds them. I am the guy with the treats and food. 

Michael is a good-looking man’s man, six foot nine, who keeps himself in shape with Jujitsu and daily gym training. That is just the opposite of my regimen which consists of waiting until four o’clock to have my man make my Bloody Mary so I have a drink in my hand when I yell at the evening news and then plan dinner. The bulk of my exercise comes from going up and down the stairs to my penthouse… there are sixty-four of them. Whew!

Michael only stays here when he doesn’t feel like driving home to Pescadero. 

So, that’s all I have for now. Be sure to go see Jamie in Pescadero and if you buy something from him, please mention my name. It could mean some cash for you. Don’t forget to ask for the El Mondo de Cabo discount at Michael’s shoe and bag store at the mall…”T VUKAJ”.

pescaderosurf@hotmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/DesertMoonHotel/

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