Sammy Hagar Opens New Beach Club

 Sammy Hagar Opens New Beach Club

Sammy Hagar, the legendary “Red Rocker” and former Van Halen frontman, is making waves once again with the opening of his latest venture, the Cabo Wabo Beach Club. However, this time the beach club is not located in its famous birthplace of Cabo San Lucas but rather in Huntington Beach, California.

At the youthful age of 75, Hagar shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to expanding his brand. The Cabo Wabo Beach Club at the Waterfront Resort is an exciting addition to Hagar’s already impressive portfolio, which includes the original Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, as well as franchises in popular locations like the Las Vegas Strip and Hollywood Boulevard.

Hagar’s journey with the Cabo Wabo brand began in 1990 when he opened the Cantina in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. The establishment quickly became a mecca for music lovers and partygoers seeking a vibrant atmosphere and exceptional live performances. Building on the success of the Cantina, Hagar launched Cabo Wabo Tequila in 1996, a move that would prove to be highly lucrative. In 2010, he sold a majority stake in the tequila brand for a staggering $100 million, cementing his status as a savvy entrepreneur.

With the beach club now added to his collection of Cabo Wabo spirit brands, Hagar continues to bring the spirit of Cabo San Lucas to new shores. The Cabo Wabo Beach Club offers a taste of the Baja Peninsula’s vibrant culture, with its laid-back beach vibe, delicious Mexican cuisine, and, of course, an impressive selection of Hagar’s renowned tequila.

Huntington Beach, known for its pristine coastline and surfing culture, provides an ideal setting for Hagar’s latest venture. Visitors and locals alike can now enjoy the fusion of California beach vibes and the infectious energy of Cabo San Lucas right at the Waterfront Resort. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool, savoring mouthwatering dishes, or grooving to live music, the Cabo Wabo Beach Club promises an unforgettable experience for all who step foot through its doors.

As Sammy Hagar continues to expand his Cabo Wabo empire, fans eagerly anticipate what the Red Rocker will conquer next. With his boundless energy, passion for music, and entrepreneurial spirit, Hagar proves that age is just a number and that the spirit of Cabo San Lucas knows no bounds. So raise a glass of Cabo Wabo tequila and toast to Sammy Hagar’s newest beach club, where the sun, sand, and good times are always on the menu.

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