Rancho Pescadero Resort Closed for Investigation

 Rancho Pescadero Resort Closed for Investigation

Photo Courtesy of Hyatt Rancho Pescadero

In light of the tragic death of an American couple due to an alleged carbon monoxide intoxication at one of their properties, Hyatt Corporation has taken the decisive step to temporarily close the Rancho Pescadero resort for a thorough independent investigation. This decision is seen as a proactive measure to ensure the safety and security of its guests, demonstrating Hyatt’s commitment to stringent safety standards.

A former employee, in an interview with the L.A. Times, shed light on prior complaints about persistent malfunctioning of the smoke/CO2 detectors, which were frequently triggered day and night. The source expressed concern that the continuous false alarms could have led the management to disable these devices, a decision that now faces intense scrutiny.

As the investigation progresses, guests, employees, and the wider public eagerly anticipate answers. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining and respecting safety measures in any establishment. As we await further details, Hyatt’s reputation and response to the crisis remain under close watch.


  • Carbon monoxide, not dioxide. And carbon monoxide detectors, not smoke detectors.

    • Thanks Jamie!

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