No More Marlin on Your Plate?

 No More Marlin on Your Plate?

The Fund for Protection of Natural Resources and the Los Cabos Restaurants association have joined forces in a collaborative effort to address a pressing concern: the declining population of marlin and dorado (mahi-mahi) in the local marine ecosystem. To combat this issue, they are launching an ambitious campaign aimed at preventing the sale of these species in restaurants throughout the region.

Marlin and dorado are both designated as protected species, reserved exclusively for sportsfishing activities. The decision to intervene stems from a deep understanding of the ecological significance of these magnificent creatures and the urgent need to preserve their numbers. By halting their commercialization, the organizations hope to contribute to the conservation of these vulnerable species and safeguard their natural habitats.

For the campaign to succeed, the collective support and responsible choices of consumers are crucial. If you come across marlin or dorado on a restaurant menu, it is strongly encouraged that you refrain from ordering these dishes. By making a conscious decision to avoid consuming these protected species, individuals can actively participate in the preservation of marine biodiversity and promote sustainable fishing practices.

The campaign not only aims to protect marlin and dorado but also seeks to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our natural resources. By spreading the message far and wide, the Fund for Protection of Natural Resources and the Los Cabos Restaurants association hope to inspire other communities and establishments to adopt similar initiatives, fostering a global movement toward environmental stewardship.

The joint efforts of these organizations, coupled with the conscious choices of consumers, can make a significant impact on the conservation of marlin and dorado. By refusing to order these dishes in local restaurants, individuals can actively contribute to the protection of these species and promote sustainable practices that will benefit both our environment and future generations. Let us unite in safeguarding the wonders of our natural world.