New Tourist Development Coming to La Paz

 New Tourist Development Coming to La Paz

The proposed development of residences, a hotel and a beach club on a piece of land of nearly 6 acres in Mexico, is currently under the scrutiny of Semarnat, the country’s environmental secretariat. The construction, if approved, will be situated in close proximity to Pichilingue and the Tesoro beach, drawing attention from environmentalists and locals alike.

The developers have presented an environmental impact study to Semarnat, which will evaluate the potential impact of the construction on the surrounding environment. The decision to approve or reject the project will depend on the outcome of this evaluation. Supporters of the development see it as an opportunity for tourism growth, while opponents fear the potential adverse effects on the natural beauty and biodiversity of the area. As of now, the outcome of the evaluation of the impact study remains uncertain, but stakeholders will be closely following the proceedings.

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