New Baja Sportfishing Portal Launched

 New Baja Sportfishing Portal Launched

On Saturday, June 10, a ripple of excitement washed over San Diego’s port. The reason? Captain Ken Franke, the charismatic President of the Sportfishing Association of California (SAC), was about to make a splash. The hook (pun intended)? A special invitation to Baja California authorities for a two-hour broadcast on the “Let’s Hookup” radio show at the SAC headquarters.

The attendees weren’t just there for the coffee and donuts. The day’s catch was something much more exciting: the unveiling of the “Fishing in Mexico” portal, a result of a fruitful partnership with Visit Baja California. This shiny new site not only boosts Baja’s fishing tournament series but also doubles as a fishing license purchase point.

But wait, there’s more! Unlike those monster fish that got away, the revenue from this initiative won’t be slipping through anyone’s fingers. Every penny earned stays right there in Baja, supporting the local economy. So, if you’re angling for more information or just fishing for something to do, cast your net over here: It’s sure to be a whale of a time!

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