Los Cabos Open Donates Tennis Courts

 Los Cabos Open Donates Tennis Courts

In a noteworthy collaboration between City Hall and MEXTENIS, an agreement has been reached to further enhance the tennis infrastructure in Los Cabos. MEXTENIS, the organizing company behind the highly anticipated Los Cabos Open of Tennis (ATP 250) on an annual basis, has committed to constructing two new public tennis courts within the esteemed Don Koll sports complex. This significant development aims to provide the local community with enhanced opportunities to engage in the sport and nurture a passion for tennis.

In an innovative approach, MEXTENIS has offered this philanthropic gesture as a “donation” in exchange for a unique benefit. By waiving taxes on the entrance fees collected during the esteemed tournament, City Hall has fostered an environment conducive to the growth and development of tennis in Los Cabos. This mutually beneficial arrangement not only allows MEXTENIS to give back to the community but also encourages the participation and enjoyment of the sport among residents and visitors alike.

The inclusion of two public tennis courts within the Don Koll sports complex is a testament to the progressive vision shared by both MEXTENIS and City Hall. It exemplifies their commitment to nurturing local talent, fostering community engagement, and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result of this collaboration, individuals of all ages and backgrounds will have access to top-notch facilities, opening up doors to develop their tennis skills and form lasting connections within the vibrant tennis community of Los Cabos.

The legacy of the Los Cabos Open of Tennis extends beyond the tournament itself, as it now leaves an indelible mark on the local sporting landscape. The addition of these public tennis courts will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of tennis in the region, potentially inspiring a new generation of aspiring tennis players and providing a platform for nurturing talent. This milestone collaboration between MEXTENIS and City Hall sets a precedent for other sporting events to explore innovative ways to give back to the community and forge enduring partnerships that benefit both the public and the organizers.

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