“Almost a Submarine” Seized Near La Paz

 “Almost a Submarine” Seized Near La Paz

In a remarkable operation near the coastal region of La Paz, the Mexican Navy has made a significant breakthrough by seizing a vessel that was transporting an astonishing amount of illicit substances. The navy’s vigilance paid off as they intercepted a 26-meter-long vessel, concealing a staggering 21 metric tons of cocaine. Although not a conventional submarine, this cunningly designed craft largely remained submerged beneath the ocean’s surface, rendering it virtually invisible from a distance due to its remarkably flat top.

The pivotal moment occurred when a vigilant navy helicopter, equipped with cutting-edge surveillance technology, detected the vessel’s presence. Swiftly responding to the alert, two navy ships were deployed to intercept and apprehend the vessel. In a testament to the navy’s efficiency, a crew of five individuals suspected to be involved in the illicit operation were successfully apprehended.

This operation represents a major triumph in the ongoing fight against drug trafficking, underscoring the Mexican Navy’s unwavering commitment to preserving maritime security and combatting transnational criminal networks. The seizure of such a substantial quantity of cocaine highlights the magnitude of the challenge posed by drug cartels and the crucial role played by law enforcement agencies in safeguarding communities from their harmful influence. The Mexican Navy’s resolute actions in this operation have dealt a significant blow to organized crime, sending a strong message that drug trafficking will not go unpunished.


  • I am sooo grateful they found this amount of cocaine, as i have lost so many family members to the sale an distribution of these damaging drugs in the Usa an Mex.

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