Traditional East Cape Road on the Move

 Traditional East Cape Road on the Move

Los Cabos Director of Urban Development, Francisco Campas, has officially announced that the existing dirt road leading to the East Cape will undergo a transformative upgrade. The road will be relocated further away from the beach and undergo a conversion into a picturesque boulevard. This decision was initially approved by the Los Cabos city government in 2014, with the intention of providing opportunities for tourist investors to develop properties along the oceanfront.

The planned transformation of the traditional dirt road into a beautiful boulevard reflects the city’s commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and catering to the needs of both tourists and local residents. By relocating the road, the city aims to create a more appealing and accessible route, maximizing the potential for development and investment in the region.

This strategic move not only paves the way for further tourism-related projects but also aligns with the city’s vision of sustainable and well-designed urban development. The converted boulevard is expected to become a visually stunning and functional pathway, offering a delightful experience for visitors and contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of Los Cabos’ coastal area.


  • Which section of the East Cape? Can you please provide more info?

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