Restrictions for Park Visiting Announced

 Restrictions for Park Visiting Announced

In a bid to ensure the preservation of the popular Amelia Wilkes park in downtown Cabo San Lucas, a banner has been displayed on the park wall outlining specific restrictions for visitors. The list of restrictions aims to protect the park’s infrastructure and maintain its pristine condition.

According to the banner, pets, skateboards, bicycles, and footballs are not permitted within the park premises. These measures have been put in place to prevent any potential damage or disturbances that these items may cause. However, visitors are allowed to use roller skates, tricycles, and scooters, providing alternative means of recreation while minimizing the impact on the park’s floor tiles.

By implementing these restrictions, the park management demonstrates a commitment to the long-term maintenance and enjoyment of the Amelia Wilkes park. This ensures that both locals and tourists can continue to appreciate the park’s serene atmosphere and its well-preserved infrastructure.

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