New Fire Station for the East Cape

 New Fire Station for the East Cape

Mayor Oscar Leggs recently unveiled plans for a significant investment of slightly over $1 million USD in the construction of a fire station in the coastal community of La Ribera, situated in the East Cape region. This long-awaited initiative aims to address the pressing need for enhanced safety and emergency response capabilities in the area. Construction of the fire station is set to commence next month and is projected to be completed within a relatively short span of 30 days.

The establishment of a fire station in La Ribera holds particular significance due to the presence of renowned resorts like the Four Seasons and Zadun Los Cabos, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. These upscale properties attract a considerable number of visitors and residents, emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive fire safety measures in the region.

The mayor’s commitment to investing in this crucial infrastructure demonstrates a proactive approach to community well-being and the safety of both locals and tourists. The introduction of the fire station is anticipated to significantly enhance emergency response capabilities in La Ribera, ensuring a safer environment for all.

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