Large Catamaran Evacuated in Cabo

 Large Catamaran Evacuated in Cabo

The 144-feet long Cabo Rey Catamaran suffered mechanical issues almost at the end of their Sunset Cruise, and a call for help was issued. There was no physical damage, it was not sinking or on fire like some social media stated. The Big Cat just couldn’t move. Boat tender and a Navy Defender search and rescue boat helped bring the passengers back to the marina where several ambulances were waiting for them. All were safe. Phew!


  • My husband and I were on that boat. Everyone had sea sickness. My husband was thrown from chair twice and struck by a table. We were given life jackets. No communication to tell us what was happening. Staff handled as well as they could. Assistant passengers, handing out water, Puke bags and cleaning up vomit. We were on that boat for over 12 hours. We did not reach shore until 6 am. With no communication to tell us what was happening. This brief story does not even cover the story. We were rocked back and forth for hours.

    • Dianna we also were on that terrifying cruise! The media has shut this story down tight!! The staff did the best they could under the circumstances! The captain of the boat made a couple of bad choices in my opinion, mechanical issues happen but please communicate what the situation is and how it is being handled with the staff and passengers!! I believe my husband helped your husband and you at one point down to the lower deck.. I hope your husband is doing ok, he has been in my thoughts!!!

  • Did not include in the story that we were miles away from the shore out in the ocean. With no communication of what was happening.

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