La Paz Government Opening Beaches

 La Paz Government Opening Beaches

During the month of April, the La Paz government removed gates that blocked access to El Saltito Beach, north of La Paz and El Tesoro, near the ferry boats dock. This week, the Puerto Mejia beach gate, near El Saltito, was also removed. All beaches in Mexico are public and if you own beachfront property, access to all people must be guaranteed. When will this take place in Los Cabos, where accesses to beaches have been blocked by private homes and resorts? Stay tuned.


  • When will this happen in TJ and Rosarito Beach?
    Almost no public access in rural areas due to HOA’s hold and blocking of public roads to access public beaches. No responses from MX city on the complaint formum either. 2 years later . . . still nothing.

  • The government likely won’t do anything in a high profile area like Cabo because they will have an expensive fight on their hands with the resorts which provide lots of revenue to the powers that be. They only go after small potatoes and individual land owners to make a spectacle for themselves to make it appear like they are working for the people.
    The sad truth is that the government doesn’t provide resources to maintain the roads or beaches that they are opening up. In the case of Puerto Mejia, by removing the gates they have signed the death warrants of unsuspecting people who will traverse the dangerous road unprepared for the difficult terrain and one track nature. An increase in motor vehicle collisions is highly probable. The tiny beach will very quickly be spoiled by entitled locals who already have begun to leave their mark with trash and human waste. Why not adopt a culture of preserving the beauty of the land and protecting the water from contamination.
    The government should hire guards for every public beach to enforce the cleanliness and maintain order. If not being consistent with all beaches then they are merely making a false stand and should be called out for it.
    It’s very frustrating to see how inconsiderate and pig like some people can be. The La Paz Malecon would not be the jewel that it is were it not for the hired hands to clean up after the messy locals and tourists alike.
    The outlying beaches like El Saltito and Puerto Mejia don’t have anyone to clean up after those careless individuals.
    The people should protect these natural resources for generations to come. Stand up and demand that the government create more jobs to help protect all the beaches for everyone to enjoy.
    That’s my two cents.

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