Resident Calls for Building Moratorium in El Tezal as Natural Habitat is Plundered for Profit

 Resident Calls for Building Moratorium in El Tezal as Natural Habitat is Plundered for Profit

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great articles this week. We found them very interesting and informative.

The first was the article suggesting a building moratorium which, was written in the real estate section. OMG! This is so needed where we live in El Tezal where they are plundering the natural habitat and building condo after condo. I’ve attached some photos. Every week when we ride our bikes, we see new structures going up very quickly. We have been here for a year and were able to obtain our permanent residency and the despoilment of the area over that time is shocking. Everyone wants to make a profit. Times are tough and you have to strike when the iron’s hot, but this is just too much. What about the roads up here? They cannot accommodate all the new residents/visitors. What about the water up here? Will there be shortages due to overpopulation? The infrastructure cannot sustain the coming occupants.

In addition, many people are suffering from long-term sinus infections (myself included) from all the dust, microorganisms, bacteria, and debris circulating in the air from the 6-day-a-week constructions.

We strongly agree there should be a moratorium and want to know what we can do to help. One suggestion we have is to take a survey on what is actually being built now and what are the presales. Are they sold or are they going slowly? Some of the realtors we’ve met insist there is false advertising on some presales indicating they are 70% sold while in actuality this is false. Regardless, there needs to be a catch-up time of at least a year where there can be an assessment of the current projects, how much is actually sold or occupied and the capability of the municipality to accommodate the new owners and present residents with adequate roads and water.


Rosemary Napoli

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