Letters To The Editor

 Letters To The Editor

Hello Mr. Flores:

I enjoy reading your Que Pasa column. I’m sharing our story in case you want to add our experience to your column. 

Last week, my family was involved in a fender bender in Cabo San Lucas. It took place during rush hour at a set of lights on #19, involving two cars. Thankfully, the families in both cars were ‘todos bien’.  

Being involved in a car accident is never pleasant, and being a gringo without adequate Spanish, I was worried about how the experience would play out. Understandably, it was a bit chaotic in the beginning. We were all shaken, yet both families involved remained calm and respectful throughout. Concern was on display as a couple stopped and dialled a bilingual friend who spoke to us about the procedures for documenting an accident. Thankfully, all parties were properly insured and the outcome was the best possible.  

For us, this experience will be remembered for the selfless act of one local woman who stopped and stayed with us for 2 hours! It cannot be understated how helpful and comforting her presence was to us. She spoke fluent English and dealt with the other family, the police, and the car rental agents. She was an earth angel, who told us later, was motivated by her heart; she wants to help anyone that needs help. We four Canadian ‘gringos’ clearly needed help navigating the language barrier and legal obligations. We will be forever grateful for her selfless act of kindness. She loves her community and Mexico; and if her goal was protecting the reputation of this friendly, family-oriented, peaceful community, she accomplished it.  

We’ve been coming to Cabos for years and will continue to do so for years to come. Gracias, gracias, gracias to our new amigas with whom I plan to keep in touch. This experience, and our new friend has given me two reminders: we’re all ‘citizens of the world’; we should look after each other, and there is more that unites us than separates us.

Liz Waterfall

Ontario, Canada