New Quota for New Developments Suggested

 New Quota for New Developments Suggested

Julio Castillo (left) and Eduardo Sanchez Navarro

All Cabo residents are aware of the lack of housing for workers, and lack of legalized land to build them. Eduardo Sanchez-Navarro, the largest tourist developer in Los Cabos, has suggested that every developer that wants to build additional or new hotels, residences, etc., pays 10 grand per room to the city, to acquire more land for housing programs. What do you think?


  • Sounds good but let the developer have the obligation to pay the assessment when the project is actually ready to happen – not ahead of time – so the investment is timed with the action. Greedy govt hands, etc

  • I don’t know, in the end, it would be paid by the consumer

  • I think that’s a good start.

    Why hasn’t this idea happened back in 2004 when the developer began developing Puerto Los Cabos (PLC)?.

    Why not 10k per room for sewer and 10k for water infrastructure, 1k per room for radar and traffic tickets, 10k for housing per room. Our environment is suffering severely due to lack of training, technology and infrastructure needs in Cabo and San Jose Del Cabo. Vac-Con and robotics TV camera trucks are needed, manhole, pump stations, lift stations, odor control and head works and Telemetry is needed to assist in developing and improving the infrastructure and environment. I could assist and offer my experience to contribute to our beautiful Mexican culture.

  • $$ for water is most important.
    And we can’t just keep creating desal water indefinitely. Every gallon of fresh water produced results in 8 gallons of brine back into the ocean!

  • I agree!

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