Moratorium on Development Suggested

 Moratorium on Development Suggested

At a recent meeting with the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, developer Eduardo Sanchez-Navarro proposed applying a moratorium of four months for any upcoming development, or until the Urban Development Plan is in place and approved by all involved. Is this a good idea? Enforcement of the existing building regulations is what we also need.


  • It is a great idea. We must drastically improve the infrastructure and this should have been done over 10 years ago. If it takes longer than 4 months to come to a conclusion on what is needed, then that’s fine. No plans like now is planning to fail!

    Building is great but without the proper infrastructure the Los Cabos area will be crippled with huge problems like what is facing us now.

  • Totally agree. There is barely enough infrastructure to supply the existing development. Developers building their own infrastructure is great, but it’s not a solution for those of us living outside their private communities.

  • Corridor living……Traffic is ridiculous. Going out for dinner is not a question of where, but which restaurant is the easiest to get to. We need more overpasses and turning points on the corridor. The roads are not safe to drive on. Need more access to the airport

  • Our 15th year coming to Cabo. We’re caboholics! Beauty all around, a mini paradise. Welcoming Mexicans who’ve been kind and helpful every year. From our perspective the developers are out of control. Wildly over building with little attention to the big picture. Stayed in many different resorts, VRBO, hotels. Not one has low flow toilets or faucet flow restrictor. Unnecessary grass covering thousands of acres easily replaced by beautiful desert landscape. Desalination plants use massive amounts of electricity, produce tons of plastic etc waste output high salinity brine. Necessary of course but taken advantage of! In US states in similar situations have had water management practices that have stretched this precious resource with no harm to users. Electricity for desalination and every over electricity need coming from huge open air diesel generators, not a solar panel to be found. No wind turbines? HUGE gas hogs hauling folks around. Resorts burning tremendous quantities of natural gas for decorative purposes seems incredibly irresponsible. There is no Oil Fairy REFILLING the holes. Baja citizens paying the ecological and financial costs for these poor practices.

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