It Was a No Show!

 It Was a No Show!

The lack of propane gas continues, as the Cosalá ferry boat that was supposed to arrive Monday did not come in. It is still in Mazatlán, undergoing a technical inspection after being in repair for several weeks. It is supposed to arrive sometime this week with 400 metric tonnes of propane. No hot showers yet, sorry!


  • Installed an electric heat pump water heater at home in Ohio. Uses less than 400 watts while operating. Takes outside hot air and moves the heat to the water tank. It’s exhaust air is dehumidified cold air! In other words it takes Cabo’s number one free resource HEAT and gives you dry cool air. Also gives you clean water that it squeezed from the air. Costs less than $100 US to run for an entire year. Also have a heat pump dryer which only uses 900 watts while operating compared to regular electric dryer which uses 5,000 watts. It also gives you free clean clear water which we use to water out plants. Just do not understand why these modern machines are not here? What you pay for more expensive machine is more than covered by lower energy bills.

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