Historic Minimum Wage Increase Announced

 Historic Minimum Wage Increase Announced

The federal government announced this morning the highest salary increase in 40 years, agreed upon workers’ unions, business organizations and the government. The new minimum wage, effective January 1, 2023, will go up 20 percent and will be 207.44 pesos for an 8-hour shift (about $10.63 USD), up from 172.87 pesos. For the border zones, the new minimum will be 312.41 pesos (about $16.02), up from 260.64 pesos. Even your home workers must receive this increase.


  • Is the 20% wage increase per day or per hour. It appears the article says the increase is about $10 per day based upon a 40 hr.week. That’s about 25 cents USD per day. Please clarify.

  • It is per day.
    The standard minimum wage will rise to around 207 pesos ($10.82) a day from 172.87 pesos ($9.03) a day, Labor Minister Luisa Maria Alcalde said during a regular news conference alongside President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.Dec 2, 2022

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