Huge Yacht Pops Up in Cabo

 Huge Yacht Pops Up in Cabo

La Datcha yacht, owned by Russian self-made billionare Oleg Tinkov is in town. The 77 meters long SeaXplorer that was launched in June 2019 is one of the most thrilling superyacht projects built by Dutch company Damen. Tinkov also owns the La Datcha Tinkoff Collection of rental properties  in Cabo San Lucas. Welcome!


  • Curious why the gringo gazette would welcome the Russians.
    Especially what is happening in the world today.

  • Yes agree the ship should be seized and properties

  • I totally agree: Seize the yacht, sell it, and send the proceeds to Ukraine. Oh, maybe send the Russian owner of the ship, too. Maybe the Gringo Gazette should consider a version in Russian, if they like them so much?

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