Do Not Miss the Parade!

 Do Not Miss the Parade!

This Sunday morning, every city in Mexico will hold a downtown parade celebrating 112 years of the beginning of Mexico’s Revolution, which began on November 20, 1910. The armed conflict ended 35 years of the authoritarian presidency of Porfirio Diaz. It is also an official holiday, so if you make your workers show up this Sunday, they get triple salary. The parade will include firemen and women, school students of all ages, and a cavalcade at the end of the line. Many will be wearing costumes like revolutionary men and women, specially the “Adelitas,” women who fought next to their hubbies, boyfriends and lovers. Great photo opp!


  • I am in Cabo San Lucas, what time is the parade?

    • My housekeeper says sometime around 9 or 10am

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