New Road to be Added to Fourlane

 New Road to be Added to Fourlane

Mayor Oscar Leggs announced the plan to build a 7 kms (a tad over 4 miles) detour between Cerro Colorado and the toll road in San Jose del Cabo. This will help ease traffic along the tourist corridor and eliminate traffic jams in case of car wrecks. He also announced the upcoming construction of an overpass at the Fonatur roundabout. Stay tuned.


  • Hola Buen Dia, please connect me with the Mayor, his team or the construction company who is building the roads. I can help them save up to 60% on building those roads. Let’s save the tax payers money on this and others.

  • Althouhg is an “added” road, the plan is to make that new part the only way from CSL to SJD and back, and the actual highway, leave so the resorts and developments have a 4 lane road between them

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