What’s Going on With UBER?

 What’s Going on With UBER?

That was the questions yesterday, as dozens of UBER drivers blocked access to San Jose del Cabo at the Fonatur roundabout, and to Cabo San Lucas at the bullring. Yes, all 35 kilometers of the fourlane were closed to vehicle traffic… for seven hours! The blockade was triggered by the apprehension of 2 male and 1 female UBER drivers by state police, the National Guard and transportation inspectors. Although Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that UBER and similar apps are legal, in our Southern Baja state the transportation law does not include them and has labeled them as illegal and congress has refused to change the law. Why? Glad you asked. Many government officials including the governor and former governors own Taxis, sometimes dozens of them. Yesterday blockade was lifted when Mayor Oscar Leggs ordered the release of the jailed drivers and their vehicles. Now you know.


  • Holy conflict of interest Batman.

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