Construction, Construction and More Construction

 Construction, Construction and More Construction

Los Cabos keeps on changing at a very fast pace. According to the Urban Development office, last month 100 construction permits were issued, producing $1.5 million USD in revenue for the city’s coffers. In the past two months (June and July), nearly 1,000 construction permits have been issued. We need more water, hellooo!


  • Construction is ongoing and won’t stop until all waterfront is taken and used.

    A question is what is the City coffers doing with all that money? It sure isn’t fixing the huge potholes, lack of painting for lanes, infrastructure for water and sewer, etc.

    What is needed to make them change to respect and improve the environment for now generation and future generations?

    San Lucas can’t supply water to large areas in Portales and other areas but still sends a monthly bill saying you owe money without producing anytime of service. How can that be?

  • I’m confused. You said 100 permits were issued last month for 1.5 million. But then you said 1,000 were issued in the last two months. So does that mean 900 were issued in June and 100 in July? Or does that mean out of just 100 permits there was 1.5 million paid because those 100 permits were more expensive?

  • Keep it up and we’ll have Cancun west except with less water. Over development is killing the golden goose

  • The Golden Goose died over thirty years ago

  • Credit markets are drying up in the US and CAN. Los Canos like much of the world is due for an economic correction.

  • This is insane!! I have a cistern and my development in villas del tezal are out of water sometimes for 2 weeks I have to feel my cistern at the 2 times a month average $80 per month and I pay oomspa every month also!! All this building is cause a major problem and the building is going to go on for a long time somebody in government is making a bucket load of money no surprise there

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