Surf Pool to Be Built in the East Cape

 Surf Pool to Be Built in the East Cape

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According to Wave Pool Magazine, the world’s largest Unit Surf Pool will be built near Vinorama, in the East Cape, where workers are cutting roads and putting up a lot of fences. The project, just a few minutes south of the VidaSoul hotel is named Damiana and is expected to open in about 15 months. The 16-acre man-made saltwater lake with a Unit Surf Pool pool will produce a 16 meter wide wave and it is only the first phase of the project, as a beach club will be built adjacent to the pool. Stay tuned.


  • This project was announced in October 2021. It looks like it may already have been delayed.

  • This is a crazy idea. There is a natural surf break there. This could literally destroy the entire area. Lack of water, a rough dirt road & no electricity would not make this feasible. Why would anyone want to go there? We all need to file a complaint.

  • This is a horrendous idea. Environmental impact is tremendous… not in a place that needs a wavepool.

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