Millionaire Investment for Mulege

 Millionaire Investment for Mulege

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador approved funding to our state of nearly $80 million USD to improve infrastructure in the Mulege municipality, home of Santa Rosalia, Mulege town, San Francisco de la Sierra and the Cedros island. Tourist attractions will be improved, too. Mulegé, located in the northern part of our state in the Sea of Cortes, is internationally famous for its gorgeous beaches, rich fishing grounds, the Gustave Eiffel-designed church and its cave paintings. Dozens of expats enjoy living in this 4,000 inhabitants quaint town.


  • Once the American rich get your their claws into Mulege and Bahia Concepcion, the beaches and the access will be lost – forever! Fight against US investors! Look for buyer-occupied investment ONLY or Mulege becomes the next town Mexican citizens can barely afford to live in (e.g. Cabo)

  • Agree with Kevin

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