Three Underpasses Project Underway

 Three Underpasses Project Underway

In order to protect pedestrians that cross the fourlane, the city is  working on three projects, underground passages at three points along the fourlane in Cabo San Lucas: Home Depot, Costco and the RIU hotel. These areas, they say, are the most used by pedestrians to cross the highway. Who will maintain them and who will make sure they are safe, prevent robberies? Stay tuned.


  • I live right in that area, I would think building an overpass bridge would be safer than one under the highway…

  • Of course, once you get to the other side of the highway, you still need to walk on the mostly-nonexistent path. After I walked from Home Depot to Costco a few months again, I said “never again.” It’s too dangerous with cars zooming by within reach, and the surface to walk on is uneven, overgrown, and full of broken glass and dog poop.

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