Health Restrictions Return in La Paz

 Health Restrictions Return in La Paz

Due to a slight increase in Covid-19 cases, the La Paz government has decided to resume some restrictions. The most important one is that restaurants, bars, stores, etc., can only welcome people up to 70 percent of their capacity. Bars will close at 3:00 am, social distancing and face masks are mandatory again.


  • Political Tyranny.

    Masks are proven fails.
    Covid stops after 3:00am?
    These are unproven “Witchcraft” Mandates by any Scientific Measure.

    Medical Intervention and Procedures are the Individual’s God Given Right.

    99.97% Survivability, is NOT grounds for surrendering personal Sovereignty.

    Ban the Politicians and Big Pharma from making personal Health Choices for the Individual.

    The People pushing these Mandates are in the Pockets of Paid Globalists and do not have the Individual nor personal Liberty at Heart.

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