The Old Cabo Lighthouse Birthday is This Week

 The Old Cabo Lighthouse Birthday is This Week

Built in 1905 and located inside the Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach tourist complex, it is turning 117 years old this Cinco de Mayo. It has been restored by the Pueblo Bonito group, which is building residents around it. Although it is a federal property, being inside the private development makes it off limits to the local population, excepting to tourists and home owners within the complex.


  • I am excited to hear this historical light house has received the beautification it deserves. I am also saddened to hear that the locals who should be the first to benefit from this historical site are not allowed to pass and view it. This is wrong and only fuels locals’ resentment toward the developers.

    • i agree with Albert. There is a law that all beaches are open to the public, the lighthouse is on a beach area, though it may not be swimmable. All citizens should have the ability to visit the light house even if time limits are put in such as open 9 am – 7 pm daily.

      How do we get this put in place?

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