Los Cabos Mayor Vows to Open the Old Lighthouse

 Los Cabos Mayor Vows to Open the Old Lighthouse

Photo courtesy of Colectivo Pericu

Profe Leggs said, “Hear it loud and clear, as a Mayor I will fight to have free access to the Old Lighthouse for everyone!” during the celebration of the construction of the old lighthouse 117 years ago. The historic construction, a former federal property that was turned over to the Los Cabos government years ago is located within the Sunset Beach private development in Cabo San Lucas. The area is home to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach, Pacifica boutique hotel, Quivira, Montecristo Estates and several more. Stay tuned.


  • Mr. Coppel, developer of Sunset Beach communities sunk a lot of his own money into the renovation of the old lighthouse and private homesite development adjoining the lighthouse property. There’s is no longer access to it unless you’re a Sunset Beach owner/guest.
    Mr. Leggs is obviously trying to make a name for himself in picking a fight with an organization which has very deep pockets and connections in Mexican politics, far beyond CSL. Be careful what you wish for, Senor Leggs!!

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