Whale Charges Boat

 Whale Charges Boat

In a rare episode, a humpback whale charged  a small tour boat near Espiritu Santo Island in La Paz last Friday. Although the boat didn’t collapse, it flew high and fell hard, causing some of its passengers to jump in the air and… fall hard. All occupants sustained injuries and a 41-year woman was hurt severely ending with head trauma and other concussions. The Navy came to their rescue and transferred them to a local hospital.  It is very rare that whales hit boats.


  • Are you intentionally a satire website or are you just stupid?

  • So many boats get way too close to the whales . ( which is a violation)

  • To me it look like the boat hit the whale fast enough to jump up !

  • The whale did not attack the boat, the boat crash with the whale. If you see the full video you can tell that the boat is going fast, that is why people fly away.

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