Sewage Treatment Plant Turned Over to City

 Sewage Treatment Plant Turned Over to City

Photo courtesy of el Independiente

After over 40 years, the smelly, insufficient and inefficient sewage treatment plant located next to the San Jose estuary has changed hands. It has been run by Fonatur, the federal agency that developed San Jose del Cabo and the Cabo marina and has overflowed to the estuary uncountable times. The Los Cabos government has received the facilities today and will now be in charge of the operation. Mayor Oscar Leggs promised to get on it right-away and make it efficient. Keep your fingers crossed!


  • Wastewater engineering is a wee bit on the complicated side. Most “spills” occur during storm events, when the influx of water from sewers etc exceeds capacity, or due to mechanical failure in pumping stations. Managing odor is also a challenge… the wastewater screenings and primary clarifiers are the prime sources of odor. To address the odor, they may need to enclose them, and build a odor destruction unit. Expect an investment in the millions, and possibly the tens of millions, to address these issues.

    • 15 years ago, I offered to Fonatur 1 day a week 8 hours free service to assess the challenges they have and assist in training operators. That was my profession is the FL for many years, lots of experience.

      I have seen many times the manholes overflowing (no rain, etc) and raw sewage flowing into the estuary. It’s very sad. Not only is this pollution to our beautiful environment, it creates many health issues.

      In my opinion, all sewage pipes should be cleaned & televised and tapes reviewed to determine the repairs and improvements, manholes, pump stations, etc., should be inspected and risers placed on them where they are recessed. This is just the tip of the iceberg to improve the WWTP system.

      You are correct, it will cost tens of millions of dollars. All the developments should be required to pony up to improve the system and training.

  • I’ve come to Los Cabos many times over the years, this is my first by travel van and I’m having a blast! I am surprised there is no infrastructure near San Jose nor Cabo San Lucas for emptying our black water and grey water tanks. Is the waste water plant set up for us to drop a hose into their system? Any other solutions? Thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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