La Paz Traffic Infractions Go Up

 La Paz Traffic Infractions Go Up

The rumor that traffic infractions in La Paz would increase 500 percent was confirmed yesterday (Thursday, March 24) by the Official Gazette of the State. A speeding ticker (going over 50 km/hr in the city) or running a red light now has a cost of $480 USD. Parking in a no-parking space (curbs painted red), $120 USD. The limit of alcohol in your system has been decreased from 0.50 to 0.25 and the DUI ticket will set you back 3 grand. There goes Mexico’s favorite sport!


  • Regarding increased traffic fines. It is quite apparent that most Mexicans and some foreign residents will not be able to afford these outrageously high fines. And that begs the question, who are these fines really intended to target? Corruption and extortion involving foreigners living and visiting here is already a serious problem. And amounts to a form of legal discrimination. And this, I feel will only exacerbate the problem.

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